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Scar Realty Corp is listing apartments at  Hobart and Hollywood Avenue in the Pelham Bay Section.

The home was completed in 2006 and has only had one tenant, you can view the home's many features.
We are featuring a 1 Bedroom walk-in apartment with full access to the finished basement. 

Click on any of the links to view the many pictures.

 Hobart Avenue is located in the true Waterbury LaSalle section of Pelham Bay in the Bronx.  This unique two-family home is close to Waterbury Park, Pelham Bay Park and City Island, and is surrounded by some of the best schools in the Bronx.  The Waterbury LaSalle area is a true crossroad for the Tri-state area and all modes of commuter transportation are highly accessible.
Scar Realty Corp only builds and features "Freda Design Architects" homes.  Hobart house is a beautifully designed, elegant looking home that is situated in the heart of the best section of the Bronx.   Please give us a call to schedule an appointment.
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